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Key Biodiversity Areas Partnership

  Mount Namuli, a key biodiversity area. © Grant Lemis for Legado​

Created in 2016, the Key Biodiversity Areas Partnership promotes a comprehensive network of sites that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity, and are effectively managed, sufficiently resourced and adequately safeguarded. The goal of the partnership is to develop and maintain an up-to-date, fully documented list of sites identified against the KBA standard and to communicate, promote and position this information to enable achievement of the KBA vision.

CEPF participated in the design of the Key Biodiversity Areas partnership together with 10 other nongovernmental organizations: 

  • BirdLife International 
  • ​IUCN
  • Amphibian Survival Alliance
  • Conservation International
  • Global Environment Facility
  • Global Wildlife Conservation
  • NatureServe
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Wildlife Conservation Society