Protecting Nature's Hotspots for people and prosperity

Eastern Afromontane

Project Database

Every project we support helps implement a specific strategic direction from our strategy for this region.

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Strategic Direction 1:
Biodiversity mainstreamed into wider development policies, plans and projects, delivering the co-benefits of biodiversity conservation, improved local livelihoods and economic development in 4 priority corridors (and associated KBA groups) and 7 countries​. View projects

Strategic Direction 2:
Improved protection and management of the KBA network through involvement of civil society. View projects

Strategic Direction 3:
Financing mechanisms established in 4 priority corridors and 2 additional sites ensuring substantial long-term financing for conservation activities in the most important sites, and conservation community enabled to raise funds and develop similar mechanisms in the Hotspot​. View projects

Strategic Direction 4:
Strategic leadership and effective coordination of CEPF investment provide, and a broad constituency of civil society groups built across institutional and political boundaries, through a regional implementation team (RIT). View projects