Protecting Nature's Hotspots for people and prosperity

Strategic Direction 3

Strategic Direction 3:
Improve the conservation and protection status of 44 priority key biodiversity areas

Freshwater Key Biodiversity Area refinement: Mediterranean Basin Biodiversity Hotspot.
Help put freshwater biodiversity on the map through identification and mapping of freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs). KBA boundaries will be refined, and the associated KBA Catchment Management Zones will be defined and mapped. New fact sheets will be prepared for each KBA.

Amount $19,705
Grant Term 06/16 - 01/17
Grantee IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

Assessment of the endangered subterranean biodiversity of the Skadar/Shkodra Lake Basin
Assess the Endangered subterranean biodiversity in Skadar Lake Basin, which lies on the border of Montenegro and Albania. The project will illustrate the present conservation status of subterranean habitats, form the basis for future monitoring schemes, and help plan urgent conservation measures to halt the negative anthropogenic pressure on subterranean fauna and groundwater.

Amount $19,992
Grant Term 05/16 - 12/16
Grantee Društvo za jamsko biologijo (SCB)

Identifying Important Plant Areas in Cabo Verde
Identify and map out all Important Plant Areas in Cape Verde and prepare individual synthesis fiches for each site as the basis for a strengthened plant conservation strategy in the country.

Amount $65,598
Grant Term 05/16 - 04/17
Grantee International Union for conservation of Nature Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation

Save Ohrid Lake And Galičica National Park, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia
Coordinate efforts with other local nonprofit organizations in the region to create a civil society partnership for protecting the Ohrid Lake in Macedonia. Inform the public and decision-makers about the negative impacts of the projected infrastructure and, when possible, propose mitigation measures.

Amount $43,320
Grant Term 05/16 - 02/17
Grantee Macedonian Ecological Society (MES)

Action for Ecological Valorisation of Buljarica Cove
Educate local communities on the natural values of the Buljarica Cove in Montenegro and provide the country’s decision-makers with the needed scientific background to aid in the cove’s protection. Buljarica is one of the few remaining well-preserved brackish marshland complexes on the Adriatic coast.

Amount $19,980
Grant Term 04/16 - 12/16
Grantee Crnogorsko društvo ekologa [Montenegrin Ecologists Society (MES)]

Hutovo Blato Nature Park and Mostarsko Blato as Safe Breeding, Stop-Over and Wintering Sites for Birds
Establish a system, with support from partner EuroNatür, to monitor hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Hutovo Blato Nature Park, thus helping to stabilizing bird populations. Build strong relationships with local hunting associations to prevent poaching and promote the nature park as a birdwatching site for local children (with educational activities) and domestic and foreign tourists. Based on the experience from Hutovo Blato, the monitoring system will be extended to Mostarsko Blato, a very important stop-over site for migrating birds in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Amount $48,550
Grant Term 04/16 - 04/17
Grantee Ornitološko društvo naše ptice

Strengthening organizational capacities and field research on Raso Islet, Cape Verde
Building the organizational and financial capacity of local grantee and to continue working on conservation problems on ilheu Raso. Implementing field research and working on the methodology for the eradication of the fire ant population that has started to inhabit the small island, threatening vulnerable endemic species.

Amount $19,438
Grant Term 12/15 - 11/16
Grantee Biosfera I Association for environment protection (Biosfera 1)

Evaluating the Status of the Monk Seal Population in Lebanon
Initiate a conservation program for the Critically Endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in collaboration with key national stakeholders and relevant marine conservation initiatives in the Mediterranean Basin. This small grant aims to better understand the status of this seal in Lebanon and make efforts to conserve the species across its range along the Lebanese coast. This will be achieved through partnership with local stakeholders and establishment of a Mediterranean-wide working group to coordinate efforts to conserve the species across its range.

Amount $4,700
Grant Term 10/15 - 06/16
Grantee Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL)

Promoting wetland eco-tourism for local development (Promotion des zones humides pour le développement local)
In the last 2 years, CEPF has supported the capacity building of five organizations in five different priority KBAs in Northeastern Tunisia in order to create an eco-tourist trail in the region. This project aims to optimize and promote the final product of CEPF-AAO. The final circuit will be identified and tested. The required period of visit, accommodation at each site proposals, and suggesting places to provide local products will be identified. The guides formed during AAO-CEPF project mastered the circuit and management of a group of visitors from a 10-person group. By the end of this project the circuit will be adopted by National Tourist Office and shared with tour operators and travel agencies in Tunisia.

Amount $17,770
Grant Term 10/15 - 03/16
Grantee Reseau Enfant de la Terre (RET)

Study of floral diversity and dynamics in Macta Marsh, Algeria : Application for biodiversity conservation
An inventory of the flora in the marshes of the Macta is supported by this proposal. It comes to producing qualitative and quantitative data that will assess the current situation of the vegetation cover and their degrees of threat. This inventory will allow making a map of species and habitats, highlighting the areas with species of heritage and vulnerable areas This step will allow to identify threats on species and habitats. The data will be considered by project partners when preparing the action plan for Macta marches. Result will be valued by a guide gathering medicinal and aromatic plant to help in communicating resources around this key biodiversity areas.

Amount $18,090
Grant Term 10/15 - 12/16
Grantee Souidi Zahira

Bosnian and Herzegovina Mid-Term Stakeholder Assessment of the CEPF Investment
Assess the role and needs of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina in relation to the environmental challenges faced, including cooperation, communications and capacity, identify future conservation priorities, and report recommendations and feedback to the CEPF Secretariat as part of the CEPF Mediterranean Basin Mid-Term Assessment.

Amount $4,830
Grant Term 01/15 - 03/15
Grantee Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jordanian Mid-Term Stakeholder Assessment of the CEPF Investment
Assess the role and needs of civil society in Jordan in relation to the environmental challenges faced, including cooperation, communications and capacity, identify future conservation priorities, and report recommendations and feedback to the CEPF Secretariat as part of the CEPF Mediterranean Basin Mid-Term Assessment.

Amount $2,231
Grant Term 01/15 - 03/15
Grantee The United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment

Lebanon Mid-Term Stakeholder Assessment of the CEPF Investment
Assess the role and needs of civil society in Lebanon in relation to the environmental challenges faced, including cooperation, communications and capacity, identify future conservation priorities, and report recommendations and feedback to the CEPF Secretariat as part of the CEPF Mediterranean Basin Mid-Term Assessment.

Amount $2,690
Grant Term 01/15 - 03/15
Grantee Universite Saint-Joseph

Enforcing Hunting Legislation and Strengthening Institutional Capacities for Wildlife Management in Albania
Monitor the effectiveness and impact of the Albanian government's hunting ban policy in 2014 and 2015; raise awareness among local stakeholders; and build the capacities of authorities for implementation of the policy in the most important key biodiversity areas of the northern Albanian coastline; and coordinate with major civil society organizations, including a hunters' association, to inform the decisions of the government on future hunting regulations.

Amount $131,330
Grant Term 11/14 - 03/17
Grantee Albanian Society for the Protection of Birds & Mammals

Rehabilitation of the Sweimeh Eco-Park
Involve the community around Jordan's Sweimeh Eco-Park in a rehabilitation program to support the area's conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources; and build capacity in the use of modern agricultural techniques to rationalize water consumption with the sustainable growth of seedlings, free from any use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Amount $19,450
Grant Term 08/14 - 09/15
Grantee Sweimeh Association Charity
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 543 KB)
Related News and Information Safeguard document 1 (PDF - 94 KB)
Safeguard document 2 (PDF - 44 KB)

Multimedia Communications Campaign for Dalmatian Pelicans in Lake Skadar
Raise awareness about the conservation of Dalmatian pelicans (Pelecanus crispus) in Lake Skadar, on the border of Albania and Montenegro, by documenting biodiversity, threats and conservation activities in Lake Skadar, and by developing a communications tool with the aim of promoting the engagement of civil society in biodiversity conservation. A social media campaign will be organized and an extensive database of photos and a short documentary will be produced to promote the site and civil society activities in the area.

Amount $17,000
Grant Term 05/14 - 12/15
Grantee Asociacion Beyond Light (The Living Med)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 115 KB)

Contributing to the Creation of a Participatory Protected Area in Massif de Babor, Algeria
Engage an interdisciplinary team to prepare for a re-gazettement of an area of about 3,000 hectares within the Massif de Babor in Algeria, working in close consultation with local communities. This work includes biological inventories; mapping and preparation of a zoning plan; preparation of legal documents; communication and awareness-raising; and preparation of a process framework for the restriction of access to natural resources.

Amount $168,736
Grant Term 01/14 - 02/17
Grantee Association de Réflexion, d'Échanges et d'Actions pour L'Environnment et le Développement

Promoting Sustainable Hunting Practices in Lebanon Using a Community-Based Approach
Undertake a multi-media campaign in Lebanon to raise awareness about key biodiversity areas, birds and biodiversity. Increase understanding of Lebanon's new hunting law and promote sustainable hunting practices in the country. Disseminate awareness materials throughout the administrative districts and undertake pilot trainings through hunting clubs, educators, law enforcement officers and the local community. In addition, initiate a pilot model Public Hunting Area, and prepare management and business plans, as well as site and species monitoring plans for the site.

Amount $182,385
Grant Term 01/14 - 09/15
Grantee Lebanese Environment Forum
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 501 KB)

Education and Capacity Building for the Conservation of Lake Dojran
Initiate capacity building activities that are necessary for the future management of Lake Dojran, a priority key biodiversity area, including the creation of local conservation groups, training young local conservationists with monitoring skills, producing a booklet of techniques on how to monitor the lake ecosystem and raising awareness through the media.

Amount $19,282
Grant Term 11/13 - 01/15
Grantee Macedonian Ecological Society (MES)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 143 KB)

Determining Important Areas for Plants and Creating Micro-Reserves to Conserve Rare or Endemic Species in Lebanon
Collate and analyze data on plant distribution and abundance to identify important plant areas within Lebanon. Using this data, liaise with land owners to establish three micro-reserves at Ehmej, Sarada and Baskinta in Lebanon to secure the long-term survival of these sites and their species. Each of these sites harbors rare and threatened plant species and are under pressure from activities including quarrying and other unsustainable practices.

Amount $207,788
Grant Term 10/13 - 12/16
Grantee Université Saint-Joseph
Related News and Information Safeguard document 1 (PDF - 2.4 MB)
Safeguard document 2 (PDF - 1.9 MB)
Safeguard document 3 (PDF - 1.9 MB)
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Restoring the Endangered Barbary Macaque Species
Protect the Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus) by identifying habitat fragmentation in Morocco's Ifrane National Park, identifying areas that need restoration to increase functional connectivity and/or prevent further decline of the species, and suggesting the necessary adjustments to these restorations.

Amount $19,152
Grant Term 10/13 - 11/14
Grantee Stichting Moroccan Primate Conservation (MPC)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 223 KB)

Promoting the Value of Key Biodiversity Areas by Strengthening the Role of Civil Society Organizations in Their Management and Conservation in North Africa
Improve the management of six key biodiversity areas in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya by undertaking a thorough review of previous approaches to assess their effectiveness and by promoting communication and dialogue between nongovernmental organizations and management authorities. Set up an exchange visit with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Jordan to compare the respective management approaches as a learning opportunity.

Amount $316,076
Grant Term 09/13 - 12/15
Grantee Union Internationale pour la conservation de la Nature Centre de Coopération pour la Méditerranée

Production of Speleological Cadaster for the Trebižat Area
Produce a cadaster of underground objects and evaluate their ecological importance in the area of the Trebižat River, which is known for its richness of caves, underground water and land ecosystems, and cave fauna that have not been systematically surveyed and remain largely unexplored.

Amount $18,684
Grant Term 08/13 - 12/14
Grantee Hercegovačka Gorska Služba spašavanja (HGSS)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 118 KB)

Educating the Public on Sustainable Water Use and the Protection of Endemic Fish in the Neretva River Valley
Inform and educate the public about the need for the sustainable use of water in the karst fields of eastern Herzegovina that are essential for the ecological vitality of the lower Neretva Valley. Protect endemic fish species and their spawning grounds in the Buna, Bunica and Bregava rivers of the Neretva catchment area.

Amount $18,750
Grant Term 08/13 - 07/14
Grantee Hrvatska Ekološka Udruga (BUNA)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 3.9 MB)

Supporting the Long-Term Sustainable Management of Transboundary Lake Skadar
Enable the effective transboundary management of Lake Skadar, which is located between Albania and Montenegro, by improving the capacity and management practices of its protected areas. Diminish illegal activities by strengthening law enforcement and increasing the participation of local civil society organizations in monitoring and management. Raise awareness and increase transparency among key stakeholders on the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Amount $328,563
Grant Term 08/13 - 12/16
Grantee The International Union for Conservation of Nature
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Raising Awareness on Hunting and Biodiversity Conservation in Al Chouf Cedars Nature Reserve Key Biodiversity Area
Raise the awareness of local community, local authority and law enforcement officers on the importance and the methods for fighting illegal hunting. The proposed strategy will be implemented through two training workshops during the hunting season on advanced and fast techniques on bird identification that will allow the local community to support law enforcement officers, forest guards and guards of protected areas to control illegal hunting practices mainly in Chouf Niha, one of the most important bottle-neck sites in Lebanon.

Amount $16,000
Grant Term 07/13 - 06/14
Grantee Environment For Life
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 222 KB)

Conservation of Pelicans, a Key Biodiversity Species of Skadar Lake
Improve the cross-border management of Lake Skadar through research into the breeding ecology of the Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus). Train relevant national institutions in monitoring protocols and data management. Raise awareness of the threats faced among all stakeholders and promote "pelican-friendly" tourism activities that will mitigate disturbance to the colony while allowing visitors a better viewing experience.

Amount $303,581
Grant Term 07/13 - 03/17
Grantee Noe Conservation
Related News and Information Safeguard document 1 (PDF - 2 MB)
Safeguard document 2 (PDF - 684 KB)
Safeguard document 3 (PDF - 1.1 MB)
The Balkans Wetlands Gazette, Issue 1, January 2015, English​ (PDF - 1.7 MB)​

Enhancing Sustainable Livelihoods and Promoting Community Management of Shouf Biosphere Reserve
Increase awareness of the importance of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve Protected Area and develop financial mechanisms, including handicraft production, to contribute to the economy of the surrounding area. Undertake an assessment of the ecosystem services, especially water, and their economic value to the surrounding populations and local and national decision makers.

Amount $160,300
Grant Term 07/13 - 03/15
Grantee Al-Shouf Cedar Society
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 309 KB)

Monitoring Waterbirds in North Africa for the Conservation of Wetland Areas
Support the creation of site support groups to enhance the dialogue between site managers and local communities and develop a methodology adapted to the North African context to improve wetland management based on the use of bird indicators. The Fondation Tour du Valat project focuses on eight important wetlands in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Algeria, from the salted marshes on the shores to high altitude lakes in the Atlas Mountains.

Amount $230,000
Grant Term 07/13 - 10/16
Grantee Fondation Tour du Valat
Related News and Information Technical report, French (PDF - 3.3 MB)

Promoting Trebizat as an Ecotourism Destination
Involve the local community, nongovernmental organizations and authorities to promote the sustainable development of Trebizat tributary through the wise use of natural resources. Ecotourism activities will showcase local products, natural values and the cultural heritage of the area.

Amount $109,996
Grant Term 07/13 - 06/14
Grantee The Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe, Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 52 KB)

Securing the Future of Hutovo Blato Nature Park
Investigate long-term financial mechanisms for the improved management of the Hutovo Blato National Park based upon the ecosystem services that the protected area provides for both hydropower generation and water services to inhabitants downstream. Train rangers and guides in ecological and bird monitoring through effective data management techniques and promote this key site as an ecotourism destination through local and international tour operators.

Amount $169,844
Grant Term 07/13 - 06/15
Grantee WWF European Policy Office, Rome Branch
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 486 KB)

A Survey of the Distribution of Olm by Environmental DNA Sampling
Develop environmental DNA sampling to identify the presence of Olm (Proteus anquinus), an endemic Balkan cave amphibian, at sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina within and outside the known distribution range. Raise awareness on the Olm's vulnerability and the importance of its habitat.

Amount $16,515
Grant Term 06/13 - 10/14
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 4 MB)
Related News and Information Technical report, English (PDF - 1.3 MB)
WorldBirdwatch story, English (PDF - 106 KB)

Conservation of Wild Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L. Subsp. sylvestris) in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Explore and conserve remaining populations of wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera sylvestris) in the Karst region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This largely unknown wild descent of cultivated grapevine is disappearing rapidly from wilderness and needs immediate protection throughout its original distribution range.

Amount $16,970
Grant Term 06/13 - 07/15
Grantee Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 268 KB)

Integrated Ecosystem Management of Tel Al Arbin Special Conservation Area
Conserve the Endangered ana tree (Acacia albida), and its associated flora and fauna, in its last standing habitat in the Jordan River Basin. The project also includes promoting sustainable agriculture through the establishment of pilot local farms, demonstrating a model for integrating nature conservation into socioeconomic development in local communities, and providing an incentive for local communities to conserve and sustain their surrounding ecosystems, which are critical for the Jordan River Basin.

Amount $19,700
Grant Term 06/13 - 06/14
Grantee Bab Al Salam
Project Documents - Final report English (PDF - 520 KB)
Related News and Information Safeguard document (PDF - 34 KB)

Green Fodder Pilot Project
Implement a pioneer project using new technology to produce green fodder for livestock on a large scale throughout the year, without the depletion of the soil, water and existing space. Develop financial mechanisms for the local community that support the protected area, create new job opportunities, enhance sustainable livelihoods, reduce the cost of meat and dairy products, and promote community management. The project will recycle water and produce minimal pollution, decreasing the pressure on the Mujib Reserve in Jordan.

Amount $19,975
Grant Term 06/13 - 12/13
Grantee The United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 939 KB)

Improving the Management of Hutovo Blato Nature Park
Improve the management of Hutovo Blato Nature Park by establishing an effective ranger service and adopting a sophisticated, status-quo monitoring system and scientific methods for the monitoring of species and habitats, especially birds. Promote the park as a tourist destination locally and internationally to increase tourism revenue.

Amount $162,209
Grant Term 06/13 - 08/15
Grantee EuroNatur Foundation
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 554 KB)
Related News and Information Safeguard document (PDF - 112 KB)

Karst Freshwater Habitats: Identification and Participatory Conservation Planning of Threatened Invertebrate and Fish Species
Identify the occurrence and distribution of freshwater invertebrate and fish species that can be used as biodiversity indicators for key habitats in the Neretva river catchment. Work with young researchers, local stakeholders and governmental institutions to identify and protect the biodiversity hotspots identified.

Amount $19,850
Grant Term 06/13 - 12/14
Grantee Society for Biological Research and Protection of Nature
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 200 KB)

Photographic Guide to Wildflowers of Lebanon with Emphasis on the Three Priority KBAs in Lebanon
Improve the conservation and protection status of priority key biodiversity areas (KBAs) in Lebanon by identifying the major plant species occurring in these areas. Raise awareness through the publication of a photographic field guide depicting the wildflowers present. The guide will be simple to use by the general public and will include important information about the KBAs and the plants.

Amount $19,920
Grant Term 06/13 - 05/15
Grantee Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 179 KB)

Protection of Underground Biodiversity in the Neretva River Catchment Area: Identifying and Raising the Awareness of Conservation Hotspots
Establish a preliminary inventory of underground karst species in the Neretva River catchment area, identify current threats, and propose hotspots for conservation. Provide capacity building opportunities to train local experts and raise awareness among the general public, tourists, the scientific community and government on the importance of protecting the underground biodiversity.

Amount $15,300
Grant Term 06/13 - 05/14
Grantee Centar za krš i speleologiju (Center for Karst and Speleology)
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 98 KB)
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Locating the Wild Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L. Subsp. sylvestris) Along the River Banks of Krka (Croatia)
Explore potential sites within and around the Krka River National Park Key Biodiversity Area in order to locate natural populations of the wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera sylvestris). Locate and describe every population, sub-population and individual plant, and produce a distribution map with detailed descriptions of the related habitats and their threats. Produce a scientific report with recommendations for conservation and future management of the species.

Amount $2,700
Grant Term 05/13 - 06/13
Grantee Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 98 KB)

Protection of Bats in the Neretva River Catchment Area
Raise awareness among the general public, tourists, the scientific community and government about the positive contributions and threats to bat species living in the caves of the Karst region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will culminate with the first national "Bat Night" festival as part of the EUROBATS program. Create a network of volunteer bat monitors to provide accurate data on the occurrence and activity of bat species that will be collated into national and international databases.

Amount $40,241
Grant Term 05/13 - 04/15
Grantee Centar za krš i speleologiju (Center for Karst and Speleology)
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 195 KB)

Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Management of Medicinal Plants and Important Plant Areas of the High Atlas Mountains
Promote sustainable harvesting and community-based cultivation of medicinal plants to address threats to important plant areas near key biodiversity areas in the High Atlas Mountains. Specific conservation actions will be determined through stakeholder workshops and researching the plant species of concern that are currently harvested from communal lands, forest domains and protected areas in the central part of the Atlas Mountain Conservation Corridor of Morocco.

Amount $19,900
Grant Term 05/13 - 08/15
Grantee Global Diversity Foundation
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 831 KB)
Related News and Information Safeguard document (PDF - 201 KB)

Demonstrating Sustainable Management of Important Eastern Mediterranean Forests and Key Biodiversity Areas in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains
Revive the traditional Hima approach of land husbandry, integrating the grazing needs of the local shepherds into a sustainable management plan within a collaboratively agreed-upon zone of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains Key Biodiversity Area.

Amount $220,220
Grant Term 03/13 - 02/15
Grantee Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 433 KB)
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Strengthening Management Planning of Mujib as a Biosphere Reserve in Jordan
Adopt a collaborative approach involving the local communities in the revision and update of the Mujib Reserve new management plan for the period 2013-2018. This process will adopt the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) zonation schemes as well as improve the capacity of local civil society organizations and socioeconomic development opportunities.

Amount $242,103
Grant Term 03/13 - 06/15
Grantee The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Project Documents - Final Report (PDF - 917 KB)
Related News and Information Safeguard document (PDF - 127 KB)

Engaging Civil Societies in Harmonization of Actions for Improving the Conservation and Management Effectiveness of Lake Skadar
Facilitate a group of civil society organizations working to protect Lake Skadar, focusing on sharing lessons learned and best practices from other river basin management experiences elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Coordination of all stakeholders through a workshop and study visit aims to improve the knowledge-base of the region and create a better model of sustainable development, leading to improved management of the conservation priorities for Lake Skadar.

Amount $19,375
Grant Term 12/12 - 03/13
Grantee NGO Green Home
Project Documents - Final report, English (PDF - 1.8 MB)

Small Grants Mechanism for the Mediterranean Basin
Jointly manage the small grants mechanism for funding requests up to US $20,000 for eligible countries in the Mediterranean Basin. The team comprising BirdLife International's Global Secretariat and Middle East Division, La Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux/BirdLife in France, and DOPPs/BirdLife in Slovenia will provide outreach and build the capacity of local civil society organizations in relevant languages in the Middle East, North Africa and Balkan States respectively.

Amount $455,525
Grant Term 06/12 - 12/16
Grantee Birdlife International UK