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Eastern Afromontane

Project Final Reports

Awareness and Capacity Development for Neighboring Populations of Kibira National Park to Improve Their Management of Arable Land and Wood Resources
Resilience Now
Final report, French (PDF - 140 KB)

Building Advocacy and Developing a Management Plan for the High Mountains of Ibb Protected Area
Foundation for Endangered Wildlife (Yemen)
Final Report English (PDF - 3.7 MB)

Building Capacity of Farmers’ Associations for Land Use Planning and Conservation of Lake Kivu Landscape, Rwanda
Final report, English (PDF - 84 KB)

Capacity Building on Environmental Safeguards and the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Yemen
The United Society for Developing Water Resources and Environment
Final Report English (PDF - 360 KB)

Capacity Needs Assessment of Civil Society Organizations in Yemen
Enviromatics - Amjad and Majdi Salameh Company
Final report, English (PDF - 52 KB)

Chyulu Hills Landscape REDD+ and Multiple Payment for Ecosystem Services Project
Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT)
href="http://www.v-c-s.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/CCB_IMP_REP_1408_19SEP2013_31DEC2016.pdf" target="_blank">Indigenous peoples planning framework (PDF - 11.5 MB)

Civil Society Alliance for Enhanced Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessments in Key Biodiversity Areas of the Albertine Rift Region
The Albertine Rift Conservation Society
Final report, English (PDF - 988 KB)

Conserving Biodiversity Through Sustainable Tea Farming Around Kibira National Park, Burundi
Rainforest Alliance, Inc.
Final Report (PDF - 1835 KB)

Conserving the Biodiversity of Kibira National Park by Raising Awareness About its Importance and Promoting Improved Stoves
Action Ceinture Verte pour l’Environnement
Final report, English (PDF - 94 KB)

Developing the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations for Biodiversity Conservation and Management in the Imatong Mountains of South Sudan
Final report, English (PDF - 182 KB)

Empowering Major Stakeholders for Sustainable Utilization and Conservation of Lake Tana Fish Resources, Ethiopia
Bahir Dar University
Final report, English (PDF - 161 KB)

Establishment and Management of the Itombwe Massif and Misotshi-Kabogo as New Protected Areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Final Report (PDF - 2740 KB)

Feasibility Study on the Value of Honey Bees for Sustainable Livelihood and Biodiversity Conservation: Case of Nyungwe Landscape, Rwanda
Straightfoward Development Services Ltd.
Final report, English (PDF - 49 KB)

Fostering Collaboration for Research and Future Common Initiatives Between Biosphere Reserves in the Western Ethiopian Afromontane Forest Corridor
Final report, English (PDF - 91 KB)

Improved Protection of Kibira National Park by Increasing Civil Society's Accountability
Organisation pour la défense de l’environnement au Burundi
Final report, French (PDF - 37 KB)

In From the Cold: Providing the Knowledge Base for Comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation in the Chimanimani Mountains, Mozambique
MICAIA Foundation
Final Report (PDF - 495 KB)

In From the Cold: Providing The Knowledge Base For Comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation in the Chimanimani Mountains, Mozambique
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
nal Report Final Report, English (PDF - 557 KB)

Lost Mountain Phase III: Scalable Innovative Conservation and Development on Mount Namuli
Additive Adventure
Final Report English (PDF – 305 KB)

Misuku Hills Biodiversity Conservation
Action for Environmental Sustainability
Final Report, English (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Misuku Hills Indigenous Forest Project
Misuku Beekepeers Association
Final Report English (PDF - 277 KB)

Mount Mabu Conservation Project
nal Report Final Report, English (PDF - 570 KB)

Participatory Action to Safeguard Ecosystems and Enforce Environmental Impact Assessments in the Malagarasi River System Key Biodiversity Area, Tanzania
Nyakitonto Youth for Development Tanzania
Final report, English (PDF - 145 KB)

Preservation of the Environment in the Lake Niassa Key Biodiversity Area, Mozambique
União dos Camponeses e Associações de Lichinga
Final report,
Portuguese (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Promoting Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Conservation of the Cyamudongo Forest
Association Rwandaise des Ecologistes
Final Report (PDF - 276 KB)

Promoting the Recognition of the Eastern Afromontane Key Biodiversity Areas and Corridors to an International Audience of Ecologists and Climate Change Scientists
Dr Ian Gordon
Final report, English (PDF - 44 KB)

Protecting Biodiversity Through Conservation Agriculture in Lake Niassa, Mozambique
Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project
Final report, English (PDF - 45 KB)

Restoration and Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika
Burundi Nature Action
Final report, French (PDF - 601 KB)

Scaling up Alternative Livelihoods and Forest Development and Protection Approaches in Bechi Peasant Association, Sheka Forest, Ethiopia
God for People Relief and Development Organisation
Final report, English (PDF - 2.8 MB)

Securing the Ntakata Forest as a Community-Owned Village Land Forest Reserve in Tongweland, Western Tanzania
Fauna & Flora International
Final Report (PDF - 574 KB)

Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve: Strengthening the Management System and Working with Nearby Communities on Bio-Cultural Learning and Livelihoods Development
Final report, English (PDF - 135 KB)

Stakeholder Capacity Building for Key Biodiversity Area Management Planning in the Chimanimani–Nyanga Mountains
BirdLife Zimbabwe
Final report, English (PDF - 157 KB)

Strengthening Local Institutions in the Albertine Rift for Community Development and Conservation of the Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda and Uganda
International Gorilla Conservation Programme
Final report, English (PDF - 61 KB)

The Lost Mountain: Mt Namuli, Mozambique
Ukalene Productions LLC
Final report, English (PDF - 63 KB)

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