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Feasibility of a Financing Mechanism to Conserve Pilón Lajas Water Resources in Bolivia
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Conservation Strategy Fund
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Many of the water generated in the Pilón Lajas Indigenous Territory and Biosphere Reserve (ACB BOL37) flows to several municipalities and urban populations of Beni, where it is used as drinking water, for agriculture and tourism in the Pampas municipal protected area of the Yacuma River.

The project will study the interest and willingness that exists among the water user population to contribute economically to the conservation of the basin headwaters in Pilón Lajas. To this end, a series of participatory workshops will be held and a financial mechanism will be proposed.

Strategic Direction: 2 Mainstream biodiversity conservation into public policies and development plans in seven corridors to support sustainable development, with a focus on sub-national governments.