Our Planet's Future Depends on Biodiversity

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) enables civil society to protect the world’s biodiversity hotspots—biologically rich ecosystems that are essential to humanity, yet highly threatened.
Close up of green frog with large eyes.
Ecuador cochran frog (Nymphargus griffithsi).
© Víctor Eduardo Obando Clavijo

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With financial and technical support from CEPF, civil society organizations around the globe are delivering innovative solutions that conserve biodiversity and help communities thrive. Find out what they're doing by clicking on biodiversity hotspots highlighted on the map.

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Head shots of Hotspot Heroes, 2 rows of 5
Announcing CEPF's 2020 Hotspot Heroes
These 10 conservationists have dedicated their lives to protecting biodiversity.
A gray and red bird perches on tree branches filled with berries.
A Seychelles blue pigeon (Alectroenas pulcherrimus).
© O. Langrand
Impact Report: Our Grantees Are Making a Difference
Seven highlights from the CEPF 2019 Impact Report.
The cover of the annual report, featuring forested mountains behind a deep blue river.
Hot Off the Presses: CEPF's Annual Report
2019 was an exciting year in CEPF grantees' efforts to conserve the world's biodiversity hotspots.
Man standing on thin raft made of logs, paddling across calm water as sun sets. Water is surrounding by high, pointed hills.
© Tuan Van Hoang
Announcing CEPF's 2020 Photo Contest Winners
Thank you to all of the grantees who participated!