Stream, snowy banks.
Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan.
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Call for Expressions of Interest for the Regional Implementation Team

Opening Date:   27 February 2019
Closing Date:     27 March 2019

See the Mountains of Central Asia Biodiversity Hotspot map


Read the detailed instructions, criteria and restrictions in the call for expressions of interest. Submit a basic letter, electronic copies of pre-existing materials, or references to appropriate websites demonstrating the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services required per the regional implementation team (RIT) terms of reference and the ecosystem profile. Email all materials by the closing date to Please make the email subject line “EOI: MCA RIT.”


Call for Expressions of Interest
English (PDF - 72 KB)
Ecosystem Profile
English (PDF - 5.9 MB)
Russian (PDF - 7.2 MB)
RIT Terms of Reference
English (PDF - 182 KB)

Chart of Relationship Between Secretariat, RIT and Grantees
English (PDF - 66 KB)

Informational Webinar

CEPF hosted an informational web-based conference about this call on 12 March 2019. A recording is available here (MP4 - 53 MB). Note that there was a technical issue at the beginning, so visuals do not appear until 9:32. You can also download the presentation slides here (PDF - 842 KB).

Below are the written responses to questions asked in conjunction with the webinar.

Question 1: If individual proposed staff members of a RIT  Organization X  are also working for a different local organization [that is not part of the RIT]  Organization Y  is Organization Y also precluded from receiving “large” and “small” grants?

Response: Organization Y would not automatically be ineligible to apply for grants. However, a conflict of interest would exist and this would require measures to mitigate. The particular measures required would depend upon the specific circumstances. We encourage interested groups to submit an expression of interest now; you are free to ask about specific permutations now and/or at the time of the proposal. We also advise that you disclose any potential conflict of interests at the time of the proposal.

Question 2: Please comment on the requirements and standards for audits for RITs.

Response: RITs are required to engage independent auditors approved by Conservation International to audit expenses incurred and activities carried out in the performance of this grant. Typically, the RIT will be requested to submit a project audit within 90 days following the end of the second and fourth year of the agreement term.