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The Stories of Our Grantees

CEPF works to empower civil society organizations to do what they do best: Manage the global biodiversity crisis one initiative at a time. Sharing their stories and lessons learned is vital to our collective success.

Group of children smiling and giving thumbs up.
Children in Ampodrahazo, Madagascar, one of the villages surrounding the bay at Ambodivahibe Marine Protected Area.
© Conservation International/photo by Rachel Neugarten

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Close-up of brown and orange frog on green surface.
Mysterious narrow-mouthed frog.
© SD Biju
New Frog Genus Discovered in India By CEPF Grantee
Meet the “mysterious narrow-mouthed frog”
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Outside, kneeling woman showing seeds to standing man.
USJ's Magda Bou Dagher Kharrat and CEPF Grant Director Pierre Carret at Ehmej Plant Micro-Reserve.
© O. Langrand
Grantee’s Accomplishments Take Root in Lebanon
USJ makes tremendous progress protecting threatened flowers
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Close-up of brown marsupial with tiny ears and large eyes, in tree, looking toward camera.
Small Sulawesi cuscus (Strigocuscus celebensis) in Lore Lindu KBA, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
© Riza Marlon
KBAs and Ecosystem Profiles: a Primer
Strategic conservation for maximum impact
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