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CEPF envisions a world where vibrant ecosystems support, and are supported by, thriving communities. Our grants to civil society organizations in the world's biodiversity hotspots are designed to build this future. It will be a long journey, but CEPF’s amazing grantees are making progress.

Heavily forested mountain tops with clouds floating above.
Montane forests, Huánuco Province, Peru.
© Micheel N. Cotrina Fabián
Since CEPF began making grants in 2001, its grantees have made significant contributions to safeguarding the biodiversity hotspots, developing sustainable livelihoods for local people, and strengthening local conservation leadership. The following data demonstrate their impact.


In Grants Awarded


In Over
Countries And Territories


Globally Threatened Species Supported

53.2 million hectares

Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) with strengthened management (larger than Japan)

KBAs are sites that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity. CEPF uses KBAs as the lens for selecting geographic priorities for conserving species.

To qualify as “strengthened,” an area must have benefited from one or more of a range of actions that contribute to improved management, such as increased patrolling, invasive species control or eradication or introduction of sustainable agricultural/fisheries practices. CEPF grantees also have contributed to the creation of 16.5 million hectares of protected areas. 

US$401 million

Additional conservation funding leveraged by CEPF grants

CEPF encourages, and works to empower, its grantees to generate additional funding themselves, enabling them to extend the scope of their work and ensure that the solutions they have put in place will last. In many cases, their experience in successfully managing grants from CEPF opens doors to other funding organizations.

5,518 Communities

Directly benefiting from CEPF-funded projects

Communities have received livelihood benefits such as improved access to clean water, improved land tenure and increased representation in decision-making processes. Additionally, more than 107,232 individuals have received cash benefits and more than 216,464 received training to boost nutrition, expand agricultural production and achieve other improvements.

Crowned lemurs in a tree.
CEPF's Latest Impact and Annual Report
Get more details on the difference CEPF's grantees are making. Their actions conserve ecosystems, support communities and contribute to global conservation and sustainable development goals.