Group of people, including two monks in orange robes, surround three bowls, and pray.
Ceremony before the release of 150 Endangered Asian giant softshell turtle (Pelochelys cantorii) hatchlings into the Mekong River in Cambodia.
© Eng Mengey/WCS

Is there an open call for proposals on our grants page for the hotspot where you would like to implement your project? Great! It's now time to submit your letter of inquiry to CEPF.

Read the complete call

Each call for proposals includes important details about the projects that are eligible. Review the information in the call to find out:

  • Countries where the project can take place
  • Strategic directions – the conservation objectives that CEPF-funded projects must contribute to
  • Language(s) that the letter of inquiry can be written in
  • Due date
  • Where you can send questions

Prepare your letter of inquiry

If you are applying for a large grant, you will submit your letter of inquiry online, via a link in the call for proposals to the online grants management system ConservationGrants.  Details that you will submit in the system are described in the Letter of Inquiry template (DOC - 38KB). If you have never used ConservationGrants before, you will need to register.

If you are applying for a small grant, an offline template (available in all of the languages specified in the call) will be provided. Your application will be reviewed by CEPF's regional implementation team in the hotspot.

Before submitting your letter of inquiry, we encourage you to read our 12 Tips for Getting Your Grant Idea Funded for helpful advice.

Write your full proposal (large grants only)

If your letter of inquiry is reviewed favorably, we will invite you to submit a full proposal in ConservationGrants. Proposals for large grants are typically, but not always, required to be written in English. (Read the call's instructions to find out.)

Applicants invited to prepare a full proposal will also be asked to submit the following supporting documents along with the proposal:

  • Project Proposal (DOC - 44KB)
  • Security Screening Request Form (DOC - 70KB)
  • Financial Questionnaire (XLS - 84KB) and supporting documents
  • W9 or W8-BEN-E tax form
  • Bank account information (CEPF may require that a project-specific bank account be opened before your project begins.)
  • Signatory information
  • Cash flow estimate for first five months of grant

Applicants for small grants are not required to prepare a full proposal. Any additional information required in support of your application (e.g., detailed budget, work plan, financial questionnaire, bank details) will be requested by CEPF's regional implementation team in the hotspot.

Complete safeguard documents (if required)

All CEPF grants (large and small) will be screened against CEPF’s safeguard policies, which are intended to prevent or mitigate any harm to people or the environment that might inadvertently arise during the project.

Applicants whose project triggers one or more safeguard policies will be asked to prepare the relevant safeguard document(s) and incorporate preventative measures into the project's design.

Questions? Email us at cepf@cepf.net.