City of Beirut before the explosion.
Beirut, Lebanon
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Emergency Response Grants

Eligible City: Beirut, Lebanon
Opening Date: Monday 24 August 2020
Closing Date: EXTENDED to Friday 18 September 2020
Budget: Between US$1,000 and US 7,000 per grant
Strategic Direction 5: Strengthen the regional conservation community in the hotspot

CEPF and BirdLife International, serving as regional implementation team (RIT) for the hotspot, are inviting proposals in the form of letters of inquiry for small grants from non-governmental organizations in Lebanon.

Eligible activities are limited to the reparation of the applicant’s office/project facilities that were damaged as a result of the disaster in Beirut on 4 August 2020, and the purchase of project equipment that was damaged to the extent that it is rendered unusable or destroyed as a result of the disaster in Beirut on 4 August 2020.

Before submitting a letter of inquiry, applicants are encouraged to discuss project ideas and eligibility with Sharif Jbour, Middle East program officer for the RIT:

How to Apply

Please carefully read the call for proposals document, available below, which provides detailed requirements and instructions. Letters of inquiry can be submitted in English or Arabic.

More Information

Call for Proposals
English (PDF - 243 KB)
Arabic (PDF - 380 KB)