Our Planet's Future Depends on Biodiversity

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) enables civil society to protect the world’s biodiversity hotspots—biologically rich ecosystems that are essential to humanity, yet highly threatened.
Two gray monkeys sit on a tree branch.
Spectacled langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus), Thailand.
© O. Langrand

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With financial and technical support from CEPF, civil society organizations around the globe are delivering innovative solutions that conserve biodiversity and help communities thrive. Find out what they're doing by clicking on biodiversity hotspots highlighted on the map.

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Crowned lemurs in a tree with title text.
CEPF 2022 Impact and Annual Report
Read about the current and cumulative impact made by empowering locally led conservation of some of the world's most biologically rich yet threatened ecosystems. (PDF - 14.6 MB)
Front of a parade with a banner reading Futuro é Indígena and large Earth balloon.
The New Global Biodiversity Framework And Indigenous Communities
An opportunity to align global goals with Indigenous peoples' priorities
Snow leopard walking in front of snowy peaks of Northern Tien Shan mountains.
Announcing CEPF's 2023 Photo Contest Winners
Images from projects in Kazakhstan and Palestine were chosen