Fourth Meeting of the Donor Council
World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC
12 February 2003

Provisional Agenda

1. Welcome and introductions
Doc.CEPF/DC4/1 (PDF - 56 KB)

2. Adoption of the agenda
Doc.CEPF/DC4/2 (PDF - 54 KB)

3. Adoption of minutes of the Third Meeting of the CEPF Donor Council
Doc.CEPF/DC4/3 (PDF - 98 KB)

4. Report on follow up to decisions made at the Third Donor Council Meeting
Doc.CEPF/DC4/4 (PDF - 95 KB)

5. Summary of CEPF progress since June 2002 and Presentation by CEPF Grantee
Doc.CEPF/DC4/5 (PDF - 111 KB)

6. Review and approval of Ecosystem Profile and five-year investment plan for the Succulent Karoo
Doc.CEPF/DC4/6 (PDF - 75 KB)

7. CEPF Financial Summary

8. Review of fund-raising strategy

9. Time and place of the next meeting of the Donor Council

10. Other business