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2017 photo contest winning image (cropped).
© Jacques de Spéville - volunteer photographer - Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Top 10 Articles of 2017

Our most popular posts of the year

Newly discovered species, new lessons learned and new CEPF investments—here are the most-read CEPF stories from 2017. 

10. Lessons Learned: Updating Book About Madagascar’s Biodiversity
Updating the seminal text “Madagascar: Review of Conservation and the Protected Areas” was a massive undertaking. CEPF grantee Vahatra shared how they went about it. 

9. Japan’s Snow Monkeys
The story of how one group of Japanese macaques became a major tourist attraction thanks to one peculiar habit.

8. Act4Drin: Lessons in River Basin Conservation
CEPF grantee MIO-ECSDE wrapped up a multi-pronged effort to protect the Drin River Basin, an important habitat for many threatened species.

7. The Importance of Communicating About Your Work
For many CEPF grantees, considering how to communicate about their project is often an afterthought. We make the case for why it should be considered from the start.

6. CEPF’s Second Investment in the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot
The updated ecosystem profile for the biodiversity hotspot was completed, and CEPF’s next investment in the region has official begun.

5. Protecting Freshwater Wetlands in Seychelles
Mahé is one of the least disturbed wetlands in Seychelles, and CEPF grantee Marine Conservation Society is working to keep it that way.

4. Lessons Learned: Protecting Lebanon’s Endangered Flowers
Lebanon is home to many unique, but threatened, flower species. CEPF grantee University Saint-Joseph of Beirut shared how they overcame challenges to help protect the country’s flora.

3. Newly Discovered Frog Named After CEPF
We were honored to have one of four new burrowing frog species in the Western Ghats named after CEPF in honor of our recent investment in the biodiversity hotspot. 

2. Solomon Islands’ Vangunu Giant Rat
A mammal species was discovered in the East Melanesian Islands Biodiversity Hotspot, but logging and loss of habitat put the Vangunu giant rat in jeopardy.

1. 2017 Photo Contest Winners
Our annual photo contest is a perfect opportunity to highlight the great work of our grantees. This year’s winners hailed from Mauritius and Indonesia, respectively.