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The Stories of Our Grantees

CEPF works to empower civil society organizations to do what they do best: Manage the global biodiversity crisis one initiative at a time. Sharing their stories and lessons learned is vital to our collective success.

Two women walking, carrying straps of woven bags across their heads.
Flores, Indonesia.
© Conservation International/photo by Aulia Erlangga

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Head shots of Hotspot Heroes, 2 rows of 5
Announcing CEPF's 2020 Hotspot Heroes
These 10 conservationists have dedicated their lives to protecting biodiversity
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Man standing on thin raft made of logs, paddling across calm water as sun sets. Water is surrounding by high, pointed hills.
2020 photo contest first-place winner.
© Tuan Van Hoang
Announcing CEPF's 2020 Photo Contest Winners
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Yellowish grass and small body of water in foreground, a few palm trees in the background.
Lake and palm swamps on the upper Peruaçu River in northern Minas Gerais, Brazil.
© Guilherme B. Ferreira
The Ignored Crisis in Brazil
Most people haven't heard of the Cerrado, and that's a problem
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