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The Stories of Our Grantees

CEPF works to empower civil society organizations to do what they do best: Manage the global biodiversity crisis one initiative at a time. Sharing their stories and lessons learned is vital to our collective success.

Two women walking, carrying straps of woven bags across their heads.
Flores, Indonesia.
© Conservation International/photo by Aulia Erlangga

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Three people, two women and one man, face camera. Two hold posters.
Community members hold up educational posters.
© Associação Quilombo Kalunga (AQK)
For an Isolated Community in Brazil, Knowledge Is Power
The Kalunga are using mapping data to defend their land and traditional way of life
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Group of smiling people holding irrigation pipeline.
Farmers in Burundi celebrating a new irrigation system, which will help them adapt to climate change impacts in their community.
© Resilience Now/Claire Galvez-Wagler
15 Lessons Learned from East Africa Grantees
Reflections from CEPF's 7-year investment in the region
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One woman interviews another outside a building.
Donors are always looking for project photos, like this one from FISHBIO in Lao PDR.
How to Help Your Donor Share Your Story
Here are 8 ways you can help your donor help you
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