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The Stories of Our Grantees

CEPF works to empower civil society organizations to do what they do best: Manage the global biodiversity crisis one initiative at a time. Sharing their stories and lessons learned is vital to our collective success.

Two women walking, carrying straps of woven bags across their heads.
Flores, Indonesia.
© Conservation International/photo by Aulia Erlangga

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Rock outcroppings within green forest with mountain top in background.
Management and restoration of forests as key watersheds will be important activities implemented during the project. Here on the island of Mahé, Seychelles, the rapid growth of introduced Moluccan albizia trees (Falcataria moluccana) is not only out-competing slow-growing native trees but is also prone to wind-fall, posing a risk to infrastructure, especially during storms.
© O. Langrand
US$38 Million Indian Ocean Islands Project Supported by Green Climate Fund
Building community climate resilience will be the focus
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Gray bird on nest with 3 yellow beaks peaking out.
Endangered ash-breasted tit-tyrant (Anairetes alpinus) feeding chicks, Bolivia.
© Victor Hugo Garcia-Soliz
Announcing CEPF's 2021 Photo Contest
Submit your project-related photos, past and present
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Baobab trees at sunset.
Baobab trees at sunset in Madagascar.
© Cristina Mittermeier
6 Conservation "Wins" From Around the World
CEPF staff share good news from the biodiversity hotspots
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