Call for Letters of Inquiry for Large Grants

Large Grants Only - Madagascar and Comoros only

CEPF seeks letters of inquiry for organizations wishing to work in or affect the key biodiversity areas of the Comoros and the Malagasy KBAs of the Corridor of North-West Landscape, the Cluster of Forests and Wetlands of the East Coast, Barren Islands, Beanka NPA, Complexe Tsimembo-Manambolomat-Bemamba NPA

OPENING DATE: 16 November 2015
CLOSING DATE: 4 January 2016


Submit letter of inquiry by email to


Call for Letters of Inquiry
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- French (PDF - 190 KB)

Ecosystem Profile
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- French (PDF - 7.5 MB)

Synthesis of CEPF Niche and Strategy for MADIO Hotspot
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- French (PDF - 996 KB)

Template for Letter of Inquiry
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