Call for Letters of Inquiry​ for Large Grants

This call is open to biodiversity conservation projects for the following countries of the Hotspot: Madagascar*, Seychelles, Comoros* and Mauritius*

* Pending endorsement of the Strategy by GEF Focal Point

OPENING DATE: Wednesday, 12 November 2014
UPDATED CLOSING DATE: Friday, 16 January 2015


Note: Per the call for letters of inquiry, linked below,  
For applicants applying for large grants (for more than USD $20,000), CEPF will only accept submissions via a web-based system called LEAF here:​New/12​.​

​New users must register in LEAF and create a username and password.

After creating an account in LEAF, users may access their application(s) using the link​.

Please visit the LEAF Users Manual​​ for any additional questions about the online application system.


Call for Letters of Inquiry​
- English (PDF - 282 KB)
- French​ (PDF - 282 KB)

Ecosystem Profile
- English (PDF - 7.1 MB)
- French (PDF - 7.5 MB)​
Annex 6: KBA List (PDF - 68 KB)
Annex 7: Trigger Species (PDF - 751 KB)
Annex 7: Trigger Species per Site​ (PDF - 791 KB)​