school of yellow and black fish near coral.
Banggai coralfish (Pterapogon kauderni), Indonesia.
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Call for Proposals for Small Grants

Eligible Countries: Indonesia
Opening Date: Friday, 18 June 2021
Closing Date: Saturday, 10 July 2021
Grant Amount: Up to US$50,000

CEPF's regional implementation team (RIT) for the Wallacea Biodiversity Hotspot, Burung Indonesia, is releasing the call for letter of inquiry (LOIs), available below. Thsi call is available only in Indonesian and is targeted only at Indonesian organizations.

This call is specifically for small grants, meaning less than US$50,000. Organizations interested in applying for large grants should refer to the parallel announcement

More Information

Call for Letters of Inquiry
- Indonesian (PDF - 231 KB)

Letter of Inquiry Template
- Available on the RIT website.

Updated Investment Strategy: Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
English (PDF - 4.2 MB)