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A woman stands in a planted field
Fodder crop being grown as an alternative to grazing cattle within Rugezi Marsh
© Conservation International/photo by A.W. Tordoff
Community Livelihood Development for the Conservation of Rugezi Swamp Key Biodiversity Area in Rwanda
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International Crane Foundation, Inc.
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Sign Conservation Agreements with local cooperatives at Rugezi Swamp KBA in order to support community livelihoods while reducing threats (illegal activities, wildfires, overgrazing) to the site and the threatened species it contains - most importantly the flagship species for this project, the Grey Crowned Crane. This project will be implemented side-by-side with the RWCA project at the same KBA.

Strategic Direction: 1 Mainstream biodiversity into wider development policies, plans and projects to deliver the co-benefits of biodiversity conservation, improved local livelihoods and economic development in priority corridors.