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Establishing Ngali Nut Agroforestry for Forest Conservation in the Marovo-Kavachi Key Biodiversity Area, Solomon Islands
Grantee Name: 
Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Assist the Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership to establish ngali nut agroforestry within the Marovo-Kavachi priority KBA in Western Province, Solomon Islands. The area around Zaira village is some of the last remaining intact forest on an island rife with logging. The community is currently working towards formal protection of this area. This project is a means for providing an alternative income source for the community and will result in new skills in agroforestry, establishing nurseries for ngali nut trees and the development of a finished product to be marketed and sold in Solomon Islands and overseas.

Strategic Direction: 2 Integrate biodiversity conservation into local land-use and development planning