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Integrated Conservation in Northern Keiskammahoek
Grantee Name: 
Border Rural Committee
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

The project will vest "ownership" of land within the Cata/Mnayameni communities to promote better land management and, ultimately, potential eco-tourism. The project includes: (1) participatory planning of land with high conservation value, resulting in conservation agreements covering 2,000 hectares and the leveraging of ZAR 5 million; (2) development of payment for ecosystem services framework put before Eastern Cape Provincial Government; (3) 250 hectares of land cleared of alien vegetation, 20 hectares of vulnerable landscape restored, and implementation of a monitoring system to track the impact of these actions on water quality and quantity flowing into two reservoirs; and (4) development and implementation of plans related to four endangered species; that is, study of species locations, tracking of species, and promotion of tourist-oriented guided walks around the species/habitat.

Strategic Direction: 2 Expand conservation areas and improve land use in 19 key biodiversity areas through innovative approaches