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Mainstreaming Conservation Strategies into Municipal Planning for the Kosñipata-Carabaya Key Biodiversity Area in Peru
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Fundación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza - PRONATURALEZA
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Introduce the conservation and sustainable management of the Kosñipata Carabaya Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) into four municipalities (Kosñipata, Paucartambo, Camanti and Madre de Dios) and two natural protected areas and their management plans. Four municipal agreements have been signed for the implementation of the mitigation measures against deforestation. Information about the Kosñipata-Carabaya KBA will be enhanced for better decision making in favor of conservation. The project aims to have 200 local community members acknowledge the ecological value of the Kosñipata-Carabaya KBA and promote its conservation.

Strategic Direction: 3 Promote local stakeholder engagement and the integration of social and environmental safeguards into infrastructure, mining and agriculture projects to mitigate potential threats to the KBAs in the seven priority corrido