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Beekeeper holds up honey comb from wooden beehive.
A community member harvesting honey in Misuku Hills Forest Reserve Key Biodiversity Area.
© Maynard Nyirenda
Misuku Hills Indigenous Forest Project
Grantee Name: 
Misuku Beekepeers Association
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Conserve 1,000 hectares across six forest blocks within the Wilindi, Matipa and Mughese forest reserves of Malawi. This area is surrounded and used by 71 villages. The project seeks to strengthen community management of the reserves, promoting the regeneration of 100 hectares of forest, and provide training and equipment in beekeeping to 350 community members.

Strategic Direction: 1 Mainstream biodiversity into wider development policies, plans and projects to deliver the co-benefits of biodiversity conservation, improved local livelihoods and economic development in priority corridors.