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A group of men and women encircle a woman at a small table demonstrate coconut oil pressing.
Residents of Temotu Province, Solomon Islands, learn to make cold-pressed coconut oil.
© Chris Bone and OceansWatch
Protecting Areas of Significant Biodiversity in the Temotu Province
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Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Strengthen the conservation of three tropical forest habitats in the Solomon Islands’ Temotu Province and their populations of globally threatened birds and mammals by empowering local communities to conserve the biodiversity of their custodial lands, developing locally-owned conservation management plans, increasing incomes and human well-being through sustainable livelihood activities and assisting communities to recover from the effects of Cyclone Pam.

Strategic Direction: 1 Empower local communities to protect and manage globally significant biodiversity at priority Key Biodiversity Areas under-served by current conservation efforts