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Terrapin underwater, peaking out from sea grass.
The Police Bay wetland is refuge for threatened species, including Critically Endangered freshwater terrapins.
© Inga Petelski
Protection of KBA Biodiversity in Grand Police Wetland
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Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Produce updated information on the biodiversity in the Seychelles’ Grand Police Wetland using Geographic Information Systems layers of distribution for the four most common habitat types and the abundance and distribution of endemic species. Provide guidance on appropriate measures to be undertaken to improve or rehabilitate the wetland; activities that should not be allowed during the development; and appropriate buffer zones to secure access of endemic wildlife to foraging and critical wetland areas. It will also be passed to the land owner / developer to encourage the sympathetic and sustainable development of the resort which, by conserving the wetland, could make this KBA a unique selling point of the development and will deliver long-term positive impacts for conservation and biodiversity.

Strategic Direction: 2 Enable civil society to mainstream biodiversity and conservation into political and economic decision-making.