Eighth Meeting of the Donor Council
World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC
26 March 2005

Provisional Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions
Doc.CEPF/DC8/1 (PDF - 5.7 KB)

2. Adoption of agenda
Doc.CEPF/DC8/2 (PDF - 10 KB)

3. Adoption of the Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of the Donor Council
Doc.CEPF/DC8/3 (PDF - 26.4 KB)

4. Follow-up to decisions taken at the Seventh Meeting of the Donor Council
Doc.CEPF/DC8/4 (PDF - 13.4 KB)

5. Report on Progress
Doc.CEPF/DC8/5 (PDF - 13.4 KB)

6. Presentation on World Bank/CEPF forum in Brazil and plans for Africa and Asia forums
Doc.CEPF/DC8/6 (PDF - 9.1 KB)

7. Options for directing additional CEPF resources to Sumatra, post tsunami
Doc.CEPF/DC8/7 (PDF - 37 KB)

8. Update on efforts to integrate poverty reduction measures into CEPF business
Doc.CEPF/DC8/8 (PDF - 10.4 KB)

9. Consideration of issues arising from the Donor Council Retreat

10. Fund-raising strategy

11. Time and place of the next meeting of the Donor Council

12. Other business