Close-up of delicate flower with bright red petals.
Adonis palaestina
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Call for Letters of Inquiry for Small Grants

أضغط هنا للتعليمات باللغة العربية

Eligible Country: Palestine
Opening Date: Tuesday 10 December 2019
Closing Date: Thursday 30 January 2020
Budget: Between US$5,000 and US$20,000
Theme: Strategic Direction 4 – Strengthen the engagement of civil society to support the conservation of plants that are critically endangered or have highly restricted ranges.

How to Apply

Non-governmental organizations, community groups, universities and private enterprises are invited to submit a letter of inquiry for this open call. Letters of inquiry can be submitted in English (Word - 122 KB) or Arabic (Word - 125 KB) by the deadline to

Please carefully read the call for proposals document, available below, which provides detailed requirements and instructions.

More Information

Call for Proposals
- English (PDF - 763 KB)
- Arabic (PDF - 664 KB)

Ecosystem Profile
- English (PDF - 31 MB)

Ecosystem Profile Summary
- English (PDF - 4.6 MB)
- Arabic (PDF - 2.7 MB)
- French (PDF - 5 MB)

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