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Man finishing wooden beehive while group of people around him observes.
Training on beehive construction.
© Martins Egot
Community-Based Action to Save Iko-Esai Rhoko Forest
Grantee Name: 
Development Concern (DEVCON)
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Contribute to the sustainable management of the Cross River National Park Oban Division by strengthening local community’s capacity to manage 20,000ha of community forest contiguous with the Cross River National Park Oban Division. The project will strive to achieve this through; Community organizing and institutional capacity; Forest business development through management planning and implementation, ecotourism, and education; and Sustainable livelihoods development.

Strategic Direction: 1 Empower local communities to engage in sustainable management of 40 priority sites and consolidate ecological connectivity at the landscape scale