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Close-up of man looking through a monocular, water behind him and buildings in background.
Waterbird monitoring, Sebkhet Sejoumi.
© Conservation International/photo by Pierre Carret
Monitoring the Dynamics of the Evolution of the Wetland Habitats of Sebkhat Sejoumi using Geographical Information Systems, Tunisia
Grantee Name: 
Fondation Tour du Valat
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Improve knowledge around Sebkhet Sijoumi by setting up a geo-referenced database in Geographic Information Systems, integrating all the maps and indicators that will be produced. This will strengthen the establishment of a broader database on this Key Biodiversity Area, including all the information that will be collected, produced and synthesized.

Strategic Direction: 1 Support civil society to engage stakeholders in demonstrating integrated approaches for the conservation of biodiversity in coastal areas