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Chameleon amongst yellow grass.
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Structuring and Strengthening the Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso Association for the Effective Management of the New Protected Area of Bongolava
Grantee Name: 
Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso
Project Overview Overview
CEPF Strategic Direction Strategy

Strengthen the capacities of Fikambanana Bongolava Maitso, a local association selected in 2015 as co-manager of Bongolava National Park in Madagascar. The organization will be given the financial means to recruit a team, and get support to strengthen administrative, financial and technical capacities through mentoring with strong conservation organizations working in Madagascar. Develop awareness-raising activities with local communities, as well as strategic planning, monitoring and field-based conservation activities in the protected area.

Strategic Direction: 1 Empower local communities to protect and manage biodiversity in priority key biodiversity areas.