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Man standing on thin raft made of logs, paddling across calm water as sun sets. Water is surrounding by high, pointed hills.
2020 photo contest first-place winner.
© Tuan Van Hoang

Announcing CEPF's 2020 Photo Contest Winners

In honor of Earth Day, we're unveiling the winners of our seventh annual grantee photo contest. We received a record number of entries this year, more than 200 images from 32 grantees across 19 different countries. Thank you to everyone who participated!

In these stressful times, these images remind us of the stunning biodiversity and landscapes that the Earth still holds, and of the people around the planet who are devoted to protecting them. 

First-Place Winner


Man standing on thin raft made of logs, paddling across calm water as sun sets. Water is surrounding by high, pointed hills.
© Tuan Van Hoang

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) - Vietnam is working to increase protection and availability of habitat for globally threatened primates at Khau Ca and Trung Khanh Key Biodiversity Areas, part of the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot.

FFI - Vietnam Project Assistant Tuan Van Hoang had been meeting with people from the Gioc Lung village as part of his work for a CEPF-funded project when he captured this stunning photo of a man heading home at sunset after fishing. The image was taken in the Trung Khanh district of Cao Bang Province.

"The atmosphere of the photo is mysterious and peaceful," said CEPF Executive Director Olivier Langrand. "The combination of pristine naturethese karst formation covered with forestand the small human settlement where the fisherman is returning to is proof that people can live harmoniously with, and in respect of, nature."

"Facebook Favorite"


Close-up of brown and yellow bird standing on reddish moss.
2020 "Facebook Favorite"
© Garcia-Soliz Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo Garcia-Soliz's photo of a Criticall Endangered royal cinclodes (Cinclodes aricomae) in Madidi National Park, Bolivia, received more than 1,400 "likes" on our Facebook page.

The image represents CEPF grantee Asociación Civil Armonía's work to conserve the bird's habitat, highly threatened Polylepis forests in Bolivia's Andean Mountains. 

“It was very exciting to be able to reach these forests, so unique and fascinating," Garcia-Soliz said. "I heard the bird sing, and I just stayed patiently. He reached the rock and very confidently watched me for a few seconds, as if welcoming me.”

Armonía is spearheading reforestation efforts, providing efficient cooking stoves to local communities to reduce demand for fuelwood, and raising awareness of the region's biodiversity. Read our 2019 story about the project to learn more.

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