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Ecuador Cochran frog (Nymphargus griffithsi), El Plata community, Carchi province, Ecuador
Ecuador Cochran frog (Nymphargus griffithsi), El Plata community, Carchi province, Ecuador
© Víctor Eduardo Obando Clavijo

Top 10 Articles of 2022

CEPF's most-read articles from the past year

New funding and investments, the stunning results from this year’s photo contest, and of course—protecting biodiversity. Here are CEPF’s top 10 stories from 2022!

  1. Pilot Project Restores Forest and Secures Water Supplies in Comoros

CEPF grantee Dahari implemented a pilot project that has shown how participatory restoration activities can achieve forest conservation and management with local communities while protecting a significant population of a Critically Endangered endemic species, the Livingstone’s fruit bat (Pteropus livingstonii).

  1. Strengthened Solomon Islands Organization Now Helping Others

In the East Melanesian Islands Biodiversity Hotspot, the young organization Mai-Maasina Green Belt (MMGB) is bringing together the conservationists of Malaita Island after strengthening its own capacity with the help of a CEPF grant.

  1. Plan Points Equatorial Guinea Park to Brighter Future

CEPF grantee Organización No Gubernamental Amigos de la Naturaleza y del Desarrollo de Guinea Ecuatorial (ONG ANDEGE) steps in to help Pico Basilé National Park address threats from illegal hunting and uncontrolled logging to help protect valuable ecosystems and ecosystem services.

  1. Back to the Madagascar Wild

After Malagasy authorities rescued thousands of tortoises that were likely headed for the illegal wildlife trade, CEPF grantee Station d'Observation et de Protection des Tortues et de leurs Milieux (SOPTOM) works to return them safely to their natural habitat.

  1. 4 Recent Conservation “Wins” From CEPF Grantees

We catch up with some CEPF staffers for updates on our grantees’ efforts and the good news they’re excited to share.

  1. KfW Provides 7 Million Euros to Conserve Ecuador’s Biodiversity

The German Government via KfW Development Bank contributes 7 million euros to CEPF to support civil society-led biodiversity conservation projects in the Ecuador portion of the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot.

  1. Learning from Success

Resources from the CEPF Learning Hub on topics ranging from best practices for mapping Indigenous lands to how to prepare a top quality project proposal for CEPF applicants.

  1. Ways of Thinking and Working to Support Women in Conservation

How empathy plays a key role in promoting and sustaining women’s involvement in conservation.

  1. Announcing CEPF's 2022 Photo Contest Winners

Two spectacular photos from Madagascar that rose to the top of CEPF’s ninth annual grantee photo contest.

  1. CEPF Begins New Investment in the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot

CEPF launches a new investment to support civil society organizations focusing on conservation projects in 28 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and five conservation corridors in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.