31 Decembre 2018
Stakeholders inaugurate group for biodiversity protection

26 December 2018
NCG for key biodiversity areas inaugurated

The Nation

25 December 2018
Resourcetrust Network holds workshop for oil palm, rubber farmers in Western Region

6 December 2018
Fish Conservation Zones lead to stronger communities, fewer conflicts and more fish


4 December 2018
Declaran dos nuevas áreas protegidas en el Valle del Cauca
Medio Ambiente

21 November 2018
Sharing Fish Conservation Experiences In Lao PDR

Mekong Fish Network

29 October 2018
The Middle East: sorting fact from fiction
BirdLife International

23 October 2018
New survey to define protection measures for Seychelles’ Grand Police area

Seychelles News Agency

15 October 2018
Photo story: A journey down Myanmar’s Chindwin River
The Third Pole

27 September 2018
Study finds four new groups of lizards in the Western Ghats


26 September 2018
SA plays lead role in global biodiversity protection drive

Business Day

25 September 2018
Taxonomic revision of Agamid lizards reveals two new species in the Western Ghats

by Vignesh Kamath
Research Matters

25 September 2018
A new beginning for the Raso Lark in Cabo Verde

MAVA Foundation

24 September 2018
Expanding our Marine Conservation Impact into the Comoros


17 September 2018
Putting Hope on the Map for the Fisherfolk of Peam Bang

The Learning Institute

28 August 2018
Private sector and crowdfunding platforms most promising non-traditional funding sources for Indo-Burma CSOs – IUCN scoping study


27 July 2018
New Hope For Brazil's Blue-Eyed Ground-Dove

American Bird Conservancy

19 July 2018
Bird-watchers spot illegal hunting in China

by Morgan Lynch
Conservation International Human Nature Blog

17 July 2018
Libya’s environment: an insider's view

by Shaun Hurrell
BirdLife International

9 July 2018
Kalunga Community Gains Ownership Rights to Important Areas Within Its Territory

Instituto Internacional de Educação Brasil (IEB)

6 July 2018
Ground-breaking reintroduction for Cabo Verde's most threatened bird
by Shaun Hurrell
BirdLife International

26 June 2018
Meet Hemidactylus paaragowli, a newly-discovered rock-dwelling gecko of the Western Ghats

by Suma M.
Research Matters

26 June 2018
Mónica San Cristóbal directs a reforestation project in the Andes
Página Siete

26 June 2018
Enhancing Practical Skills for Sustainable Trade in Wild Plants in Guangxi


12 June 2018
A good start increases impact

Tropical Biology Association

10 June 2018
Assessing Capacities of Local Communities to Manage Water Resources

Wetlands International

30 May 2018
Inspiring change: Comorian fisherwomen visit Zanzibar to learn about resource management

by Effy Vessaz
Blue Ventures' Beyond Conservation blog

29 May 2018
Fighting rural poverty: community empowered to conserve Guinean mountain reserve
by Jude Fuhnwi
BirdLife International

14 May 2018
Tread softly: new guide for businesses working in important ecosystems

by Jessica Law
BirdLife International

14 May 2018
Courses on ecological restoration and seed collection in the Cerrado
Instituto Internacional de Educação Brasil (IEB)

13 May 2018
Into the Clouds: Surveying the Sky Islands of Mazambique (Part II)

by Krystal Tolley, SANBI
BirdLife International

8 May 2018
Quechua communities planted 25 500 Polylepis saplings to restore threatened forests in Madidi

8 May 2018
Video: A new home for the Raso Lark
[French with English subtitles]

8 May 2018
Researchers discover a new species of terrestrial frog in Goa, give it a Konkani name

by Vignesh Kamath
Research Matters, India

4 May 2018
Into the Clouds: Surveying the Sky Islands of Mozambique (Part I)

by Krystal Tolley, SANBI
BirdLife International

3 May 2018
Biodiversity Express Survey in Mozambique

by Merlijn Jocque
BirdLife International

2 May 2018
CEPF Cerrado selects 5 small-grant projects
Instituto Internacional de Educação Brasil (IEB)

13 April 2018
A year's progress for community-led conservation in the Comoros

by Sarah Freed
Blue Ventures' Beyond Conservation blog

22 March 2018
CEPF Advisory Committee Meets at Valet Tower to Launch Second Investment Phase
Tour du Valat

21 March 2018
International Day of Forests [Portuguese]
Instituto Internacional de Educação Brasil (IEB)

14 March 2018
Rapid response turns shrinking Kenyan lake into protected area [Also available in French.]
by Jude Fuhnwi
BirdLife International

9 March 2018
Turtles not eating seaweed

The National

6 March 2018
Almost half of Madagascar's freshwater species threatened –  IUCN report

5 March 2018
Women are championing mangrove conservation in Nigeria

BirdLife International
by Jude Fuhnwi

3 March 2018
Turtles of Massau Island face rough waters

The National
by Elaine Vaina

12 February 2018
The Miarakap fund will invest 30 billion in small, private companies
La Tribune Afrique
by Emmanuel Atcha 

9 February 2018
Launch of Miarakap, Malagasy impact fund supported by IPDEV 2
Investisseurs & Partenaires

7 February 2018
Government Gazettes Lake Ol Bolossat as Wetlands Protected Area

Standard Digital
by Fredrick Obura

5 February 2018
From grassroots to policies: communicating issues from the ground for improved governance of natural resources in Viet Nam


5 February 2018
New Film Spotlights Myanmar's Mountain Fishes


22 January 2018
Ushering a bright future for nature conservation in Cambodia


17 January 2018
How to design a conservation project: masterclass turns indeas into reality

BirdLife International
by Jude Fuhnwi

17 January 2018
Do not dIsturb: the life rafts keeping pelicans afloat

BirdLife International
by Shaun Hurrell

10 January 2018
Five Years' success for African mountain hotspot - bring on phase two!

BirdLife International
by Jude Fuhnwi

9 January 2018
Thai media organisation raises awareness about environmental issues in the region