31 December 2019
The rehabilitation of pelican’s nesting beds

Albanian Ornithological Society

16 December 2019
Community Monitoring of Armenia’s Wildlife: Arpa Project Offers New Approach

by Samson Martirosyan

15 December 2019
Corporate mainstreaming - tackling the negative impacts of mining on biodiversity

by Forest of Hope Association
BirdLife International

11 December 2020
Be aware Dalmatian Pelican breeding season is approaching!

Albanian Ornithological Society

10 December 2019
Manus Island’s Great Central Forest Under Threat

by Nathan Whitmore

29 November 2019
From human-wildlife conflicts to a human-gorilla friendship
by Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
BirdLife International

11 November 2019
Protecting rare plant species on Orjen Mountain 
by Dima Obeidat
BirdLife International

7 November 2019
Cerrado: 31 Protected Areas gain an action plan for up to 2030 
by Renata Peña

1 November 2019
Conserving Rare Plants in Byblos Lebanon

by Dima Obeidat
BirdLife International

30 October 2019
Every voice counts: a participatory approach to periodic fishery closures
by Ben Honey
Blue Ventures

16 October 2019
Community conservation in Rwanda leads to surge in local crane population

by Olivier Nsengimana and the RWCA team

13 October 2019
Salvaging a scavenger

by K. Jeshi

10 October 2019
Salt: Biodiversity project wants to manage the Costa Fragata Nature Reserve in a participatory way [Spanish]
SAPO Cabo Verde

7 September 2019
Seychelles is filled with plants, but how do you identify them? The website iNaturalist can help

Seychelles News Agency

5 September 2019
Tonkin snub-nosed monkey resurgence offers renewed hope for rare Vietnamese primate

 by Tim Knight

21 August 2019
Remote But Resourceful: Fish Conservation Success


15 August 2019
From wildlife artist to wildlife scout: the conservation champion of Murchison Community Conservancy

by Methodius Mukhwana
BirdLife International

13 August 2019
Experts see slight increase in endangered Long-billed birds in Amani

by Beatrice Philemon
IPP Media

4 August 2019
Futile search for chimps, gratifying nature walk

Daily Monitor

26 July 2019
Biodiversity Monitoring Toolkit for Community Conservation Areas in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Daily Post

26 July 2019
How is new 'solar salt' technology saving Guinean mangroves?

BirdLife International

25 July 2019
Ecoturismo de base comunitária na comunidade quilombola Furnas da Boa Sorte, MS avança com capacitações e infraestrutura


24 July 2019
Victory for Montenegro’s bird paradise!


24 July 2019
Researchers discover a new species of vine snake from the Western Ghats that dates back 26 million years

Research Matters

17 July 2019
First Community Conservation Area Launched In TORBA

Vanuatu Daily Post

17 July 2019
World Chimpanzee Day: Private forest owners embrace conservation to protect endangered human relative


12 July 2019
Forest conservation project converts bee-burners to beekeepers on Príncipe Island

BirdLife International

12 July 2019
It’s time to celebrate the Cerrado and its wealth!


11 July 2019
Expedición en el Amazonas: siguiendo los pasos del oso dorado andino y el mono choro cola amarilla
​​​​​​El Comercio

8 July 2019
New hope for survival of the Long-billed Forest Warbler
by Nsajigwa Kyonjola
BirdLife International

6 July 2019
Victory for Montenegro’s bird paradise!

BirdLife International

July 2019
La incesante luchas de los Awá

Semana Sostenible

24 June 2019
Brazil's biggest quilombo is using georeferencing to protect its land

The Brazilian Report

18 June 2019
Para se proteger de ameaças, maior quilombo do país, o Kalunga, mapeia território em Goiás

De Olho Nos Ruralistas

17 June 2019
Six years of conservation progress in Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot

17 June 2019
Algerian forest reinstated as National Park after turbulent history

BirdLife International

14 June 2019
Mosaics Meeting highlights sustainable extractivism in the Cerrado


12 June 2019
Extrativismo sustentável no Cerrado é destaque no Encontro de Mosaicos

4 June 2019
Six years of conservation progress in Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot


3 June 2019
Cambodia’s Bengal Florican population declines, but conservation can save it

Wildlife Conservation Society

May 2019
Marine Conservation: Let's Save Our Dugongs

Prime Magazine

31 May 2019
Cerrado: the green pharmacy of Brazil

29 May 2019
Northern Bald Ibis: baldly leading the way in ibis conservation

BirdLife International

20 May 2019
This Biological Diversity Day, there is something to celebrate: proven solutions


10 May 2019
Brasil organiza oficina sobre frutos do Cerrado

1 May 2019
Sharing fish conservation experiences in Laos


23 April 2019
Os frutos do Cerrado, disponíveis em São Paulo

April 2019
Mafinga Mountain Survey – birds, bats and other discoveries
BirdLife International

18 April 2019
5 ways you can help endangered species today

Conservation International

17 April 2019
Alambi preserva el bosque andino y al colibrí zamarrito
El Telégrafo

8 April 2019
CEPF Cerrado: Fund results, actions and impacts are discussed with supported organizations 

4 April 2019
Back on the mission to Mauritius in March 2019: the Astiria program
Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest

2 April 2019
Biodiversity in Cambodia: protecting water birds, creating strong riverine communities


2 April 2019
Sweet success – Saving bees, protecting forests and improving livelihoods
Fauna & Flora International

21 March 2019
Guinea: the development NGO for all grants work equipment to salt producers in Dubreka 

8 March 2019
Meet the women inspiring change in the Mediterranean
BirdLife International

5 March 2019
Setting the pace for regional conservation

Tropical Biology Association

23  February 2019
Enhancing management of threatened species in conservation areas
Daily Post

18 February 2019
Olivier Langrand: "La protection de la nature est une bataille quotidienne"

Agence Française de Développement

17 February 2019
Two DU researchers discovered a new genus of frogs
DU Express, Delhi University

13 February 2019
Delhi University researchers discover new species of frogs in Western Ghats

The Times of India

6 February 2019
Gorilla radio: Sending a conservation message in Nigeria

February 2019
Benthic foraminiferal assemblages as pollution proxies along the coastal fringe of the Monastir Bay (Tunisia)

Journal of African Earth Sciences

January 31 2019
First Reef Biodiversity and fish surveys for Comoros archipelago

29 January 2019
Download: “Conservation and Restoration Plan for Polylepis forests of Madidi and Cotapata

28 January 2019
BirdLife International

11 January 2019
FairWild market promotion workshop held in Kunming