20 December 2020
New Conservation Monkey for a New World Monkey

Nature and Culture International

10 December 2020
Critically Endangered lark rebounds after reintroduction success

by Joana Bores
BirdLife International

27 November 2020
How Balkan botanists saved a threatened oak and are planting thousands more

by Shaun Hurrell
BirdLife International

21 November 2020
Village agreements: key to the conservation of the Serranía El Pinche
by Julián Sáenz
Semana Sostenible

11 November 2020
Drones, stretchers and other surprising reasons for Cabo Verde’s turtle nesting boom

by Shaun Hurrell
BirdLife International

11 November 2020
New primate species discovered as Myanmar monkey mystery unravels

by Tim Knight
Fauna & Flora International

14 September 2020
Wildlife trade threats: The importance of genetic data in saving an endangered species

8 September 2020
The Príncipe thrush – flagship for Atlantic island forests

by Laura Benitez Bosco and Berry Mulligan
BirdLife International

31 August 2020
How the Eastern Afromontane RIT became carbon-neutral - and other greening efforts

BirdLife International

26 August 2020
New wave of plant conservationists supported in the Balkans

by Oliver Avramoski, PONT
BirdLife International

25 August 2020
Polluted bog or wildlife haven? Tunisian conservationists unite to rescue neglected wetland

by Cressida Stevens
BirdLife International

3 August 2020
Palestinian conservationists overcome adversity to research rare plant

by Yara Dahdal, Nature Palestine Society
BirdLife International

30 July 2020
Race against time to save Africa’s most endangered ape

by Imong Inaoyom
BirdLife International

29 July 2020
Towards Sustainability and Protection of the Kwabre Rainforest

BirdLife International

29 July 2020
New research paves way for protection of African Grey parrots in West Africa’s Lower Guinean forests

BirdLife International

28 July 2020
Different landscapes, common challenges

Global Environment Facility

25 July 2020
New research paves way for protection of African Grey parrots in West Africa’s Lower Guinean forests

BirdLife International

23 July 2020
First-Ever Images of World's Rarest Gorilla with Groups of Babies

Association of Zoos & Aquariums 

23 July 2020
Flora, fauna research underway in basins of four Neretva tributaries 
(also available in Bosnian)
Balkan Green Energy News

21 July 2020
Zimbabwe after Cyclone Idai: Building climate friendly practices


20 July 2020
The sea falcon, an endangered and very rare species, still lives in Bosnia & Herzegovina 
by M. Smajkić
Dnevni avaz

19 July 2020
Building Liberia’s capacity for effective conservation of the pygmy hippopotamus

Sarah Pocock, Fauna & Flora International
BirdLife International

18 July 2020
The Príncipe thrush – flagship for Atlantic island forests

by Laura Benitez Bosco and Berry Mulligan
BirdLife International

13 July 2020
Strengthening CSO’s Capacities For Effective Stakeholder Engagement In Biodiversity Conservation In West Africa

by Leandre Banon and Whitnay Segnonna
Modern Ghana

3 July 2020
Eight years in the Eastern Afromontane: a conservation milestone

by Elena Serra Sánchez & Lewis Kihumba
BirdLife International

2 July 2020
Talking crocs and emergency funding with Steve Platt

Asian Species Action Partnership

24 June 2020
Conservationists: Despite pandemic, ‘there is still work to do’

by Kiley Price
Conservation International

29 May 2020
Endemic plants of Prespa receive a conservation boost

by Oliver Avramoski, PONT
BirdLife International

26 May 2020
Vietnamese conservationist a biodiversity ‘Hotspot Hero’

by Nguyen Quy
VnExpress International

22 May 2020
The unknown Cerrado and its colossal biological relevance (commentary)

by Michael Becker

15 May 2020
Giving power to the people to protect iconic Mount Kenya Forest
BirdLife International

19 April 2020
Saving endemic plants in Tunisia

BirdLife International

17 April 2020
The battle to keep Albania's protected areas protected

BirdLife International

7 April 2020
New protected area raises hopes for critically endangered monkey
Flora & Fauna International

3 April 2020
MedFund gives 1.8 mln for Tunisian, Albanian marine areas


2 April 2020
Tourism development project halted in Albania


1 April 2020
Lake Ol’ Bolossat - a wetland worth protecting
BirdLife International

1 April 2020
Protecting the forest giants

BirdLife International

31 March 2020
Ten Hot Tips... for organisational development, gender and biodiversity mainstreaming
BirdLife International

20 March 2020
Se creó el Observatorio de minería ilegal en las Áreas Claves de Biodiversidad en Perú [Spanish]

9 March 2020
CNM publishes publication on municipal conservation units in the Cerrado
Confederação Nacional de Municípios

8 March 2020
How women are leading nature conservation in Lebanon

by Dima Obeidat
BirdLife International

25 February 2020
U.S.-based donors move to save Cross River gorillas, donate N4m equipment

by Anietie Akpan
The Guardian Nigeria

7 February 2020
World Wetlands Day 2020 at Divjaka-Karavasta National Park!

Albanian ornithological Society

8 January 2020
The Santa Cruz-Laos-Nepal Conservation Connection


2 January 2020
The first Regional Conservation Area in Huánuco, Peru

Nature and Culture international