Man paddling wood canoe.
Lake Kikony in northwest Madagascar.
© O. Langrand

CEPF's investment in the Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot is guided by the following strategic directions as outlined in the ecosystem profile.

  1. Empower local communities to protect and manage biodiversity in priority Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs).
    • 1.1 Provide the necessary technical and financial support in designing and implementing natural resources conservation and management measures adapted to the local context, taking into consideration local development needs.
    • 1.2 Support the development of economic models to improve both livelihoods and biodiversity conservation.
    • 1.3 Build the technical, administrative and financial capacity of local grassroots organizations and their partners.
  2. Enable civil society to mainstream biodiversity and conservation into political and economic decision-making.
    • 2.1 Support local research institutions to improve basic knowledge on biodiversity of priority KBAs and corridors.
    • 2.2 Support civil society to disseminate biodiversity information and influence political and economic decision-makers in favor of biodiversity and conservation priorities.
    • 2.3 Explore partnerships with private sector stakeholders to promote sustainable practices that deliver positive impacts for conservation.
  3. Strengthen civil society capacity at local and regional levels through training, exchanges and regional cooperation.
    • 3.1 Foster the emergence of a new generation of conservation professionals and organizations by small grants assistance for technical and practical training.
    • 3.2 Encourage exchanges and partnerships between civil society organizations to strengthen conservation knowledge, organizational capacity, and management and fundraising skills.
  4. Provide strategic leadership and effective coordination of CEPF investment through a regional implementation team.
    • 4.1 Make operational and coordinate the allocation and monitoring process of the CEPF grants to ensure effective implementation of the strategy.
    • 4.2 Foster the emergence of a conservation community beyond institutional and political boundaries to achieve conservation objectives.

Read more about CEPF's strategy in the hotspot in chapter nine of our ecosystem profile (PDF - 7.1 MB), also available in French (PDF - 7.5 MB).