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Explore the Biodiversity Hotspots

CEPF grantees work in developing and transitional countries in the world's biodiversity hotspots—some of Earth's most biologically diverse yet threatened terrestrial areas. Since 2001, CEPF has funded conservation in 25 of the 36 hotspots.

Small bird on horizontal branch of large, orange flower.
Cape May warbler (Setophaga tigrina) in Parque Nacional Sierre de Bahoruco, Dominican Republic.
© Jorge Brocca
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Spanning most of central America, the Mesoamerica biodiversity hotspot encompasses all subtropical and tropical ecosystems from central Mexico to the Panama Canal. This includes all of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvadoe, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, as well as a third of Mexico and nearly two-thirds of Panama.

CEPF is currently investing in 7 hotspots:

CEPF previously invested in 18 hotspots: