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Three men in skiff release three turtles into the water.
Head-started turtles are released into the wild.
© WCS Cambodia

Top 10 Articles of 2018

Innovative conservation, advice from CEPF staff and a funding announcement make this year’s list

The numbers are in! Here are the most-read CEPF articles of the year. 

10. Including Women in the Conservation Conversation
To celebrate International Women’s Day, we highlighted four CEPF grantees working to close the gender gap.

9. Helping Extractive Companies Help Biodiversity
The extraction of oil and minerals from the Earth can leave ecosystems devastated, but CEPF grantees are working to mitigate negative impacts. 

8. Bird-Watchers Spot Illegal Hunting in China
Illegal hunting spelled trouble for the Critically Endangered spoon-billed sandpiper, but thanks to CEPF grantee Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, the bird’s fate has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

7. Developing Ecotourism in a Post-Conflict Country
CEPF grantee Calidris Association shared lessons learned from their efforts to develop birding trails in Colombia.

6. 10 Tips to Manage Your CEPF Grant
CEPF’s grants manager offered advice on how grantees can best prepare for the financial requirements of their grant.

5. Five Innovative Ways CEPF Grantees Are Protecting Turtles in Indo-Burma
From analyzing environmental DNA to “head-starting” turtle hatchlings, these are the strategies grantees are using to save threatened turtle species.

4. In Transforming a Community, CEPF Grantee Transforms Its Own Organization
In a remote part of Malawi, CEPF grantee AfES introduced the concept of village saving and loan associations—local people can now make more money and better protect their local forest.

3. L’Agence Française de Développement to Provide Additional 6 Million Euros for Biodiversity Conservation in Africa
Long-time CEPF donor AFD finalized an agreement to provide an additional 6 million euros to CEPF for work in two biodiversity hotspots.

2. 2018 Photo Contest Winners
This year’s winners featured landscapes from Montenegro and Peru.

1. How to Achieve Conservation Results That Last
CEPF’s grant directors weighed in on one of conservation’s greatest challenges: creating change that endures.