This Request for Proposals will result in a grant for the recipient to arrange a learning exchange for

CEPF's regional implementation teams.

Opening Date: Tuesday, 3 January 2017
Closing Date: Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Download and review the request for proposals: Request for Proposals (PDF - 57 KB)

Interested applicants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the scope of work.

Proposals must be delivered electronically to Please make the subject line of your email "RIT Exchange."


Do I need to hold the RIT Exchange in one of the hotspots where CEPF works? No, the RIT Exchange can be held in any country where it will be easy for all of our participants to obtain visas.

The letter of inquiry (LOI) has questions that are not pertinent to the call for proposals. What should I answer? Only answer questions in the LOI pertinent to the call for proposals. Be sure to complete the project approach section as it is here that you will describe your qualifications and how you plan to host the meeting. Do look at the evaluation criteria at the end of the call for proposals.

Where can I find the LOI template? There is no direct link to the LOI document. You must scroll down this webpage and look for the section titled "APPLICATION." Select the English LOI template.

How many participants should we budget for? You should budget for three participants from each of our 12 CEPF active RIT teams from the hotspots in red on this map.

Would you like us to include international travel insurance for all participants? Yes, please include international travel insurance. Please itemize accordingly in the budget.

Would you like us to cover per diem allowance? No, there will be no per diem provided to participants.

Do you have specific expectations regarding venues, facilities and accommodations for the event? No, please propose what you think is cost effective and reasonable.

Would you like us to include field visits to CEPF-funded projects? No.

Is the agenda of the event available? No, and it should not be needed at this stage of the application.

Would you like us to cover conference sessions and facilitation? Please ensure the conference facilities have Wi-Fi and a projector. Facilitation will not be necessary.