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Blue-green waters meet the edge of Grande Comore Island, Comoros.
Chomoni, Grande Comore Island, Comoros.
© O. Langrand

Top 10 Articles of 2021

CEPF's most-read articles from the past year

From new CEPF investments to newly discovered species, here are our most-read stories from 2021.

10. 6 Conservation "Wins" From Around the World
CEPF team members highlight grantee successes they're excited about.

9. Grantee Spotlight: Herculano Dinis
An interview with Cabo Verde’s Herculano Dinis about his work protecting the West African archipelago’s threatened species.

8. Diverse Partnerships Key to Successful Conservation
CEPF Grant Director Pierre Carret makes the case for seeking out differing points of view, even if they cause conflict.

7. In Brazil, Climate Change Is Causing a Coffee Crisis
Coffee producers and conservationists work together to protect the Cerrado’s dwindling water supply.

6. Celebrating CEPF’s 2020 Hotspot Heroes
We honor 10 conservationists who are making great strides in protecting biodiversity around the world.

5. CEPF Returns to Caribbean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot
Five years after our first investment came to an end, CEPF is returning to the Caribbean Islands.

4. Announcing CEPF’s 2021 Photo Contest Winners
This year’s first-place winner comes from Palestine, where CEPF began awarding grants for the first time in 2020.

3. US$38 Million Indian Ocean Islands Project Supported by Green Climate Fund
The new funding supports climate change mitigation projects in the Indian Ocean island nations of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

2. Four New Reptile Species Discovered in Peru
CEPF grantee CORBIDI is making important progress in exploring poorly surveyed areas in northeastern Peru. 

1. What is a Key Biodiversity Area?
Answers to everything you wanted to know about KBAs but were afraid to ask.