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Komodo dragon in foreground, man holding long stick in background.
CEPF Hotspot Hero Deni Purwandana works to protect Komodo dragons.
© Nicolas Cegalebra

Top 10 Articles of 2020

CEPF's most-read articles from this past year

The numbers are in! Here are the stories that most piqued your interest during the past year.

10. 7 Tips From Conservationists on Working with the Private Sector

CEPF grantees offer advice on collaborating with for-profit stakeholders.

9. Conservation in the Time of COVID-19

How CEPF grantees in the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot have adapted their conservation work during the pandemic.

8. How to Take Great Project Photos

These simple tips can help conservationists compose powerful images to help share the importance of their work.

7. 6 Recent Conservation "Wins" From the Biodiversity Hotspots

CEPF team members highlight a few grantee successes they're excited about.

6. A Letter to Grantees From CEPF's Executive Director

Olivier Langrand shares his thoughts on biodiversity conservation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Wakashio Oil Spill Recovery in Mauritius

Following the devastating oil spill on the island of Mauritius, we spoke with local conservationist Vikash Tatayah on clean-up efforts.

4. Saving the Birds of Mauritius

How conservationists have overcome myriad obstacles to bring three bird species back from the brink of extinction. 

3. Green Climate Fund to Provide US$38 Million to CEPF

This new funding will support climate change mitigation projects in the Indian Ocean island nations of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

2. Announcing CEPF's 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Our seventh annual photo contest received a record number of entries from across 19 countries.

1. Announcing CEPF's 2020 Hotspot Heroes

In celebration of CEPF's 20th anniversary, we recognized 10 Hotspot Heroes, one for each biodiversity hotspot where we are currently investing.