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About a dozen large, white pelicans on manmade floating raft of sticks and branches.
The 2019 Photo Contest "Facebook Favorite."
© Taulant Bino, AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society

Top 10 Articles of 2019

Our most-read articles from the past year

10. Cambodian Farmers Profit From Wildlife-Friendly Approach
The “Ibis Rice” program in northern Cambodia is helping to protect the giant ibis while increasing local income.

9. Five of the World’s Most Threatened Species and How CEPF Grantees Are Working to Protect Them
We put the spotlight on five of the more than 880 IUCN Red-Listed species that CEPF grantees have helped to protect.

8. Photo Story: Myanmar’s Chindwin River Basin
CEPF grantees are racing to learn about this fragile place under threat from rapid economic development.

7. For an Isolated Community in Brazil, Knowledge Is Power
The Kalunga, descendants of runaway slaves, are using sophisticated mapping data to defend their land and traditional way of life.

6. Biodiversity Hotspots
Back to basics: We explain what biodiversity hotspots are and why you should care.

5. New Report of CEPF’s Global Impact
Our latest Impact Report shows how CEPF grantees are protecting biodiversity while improving the lives of local people.

4. To Protect a Forest in Bolivia, CEPF Grantee Had to Grow Community Roots
Asociación Civil Armonía shares the challenges they faced during their project and how they overcame them.

3. 15 Lessons Learned from East Africa Grantees
Grantees reflect on what they learned about effective conservation during CEPF’s seven-year investment in the Eastern Afromontane.

2. 2019 Photo Contest Winners
This year’s winners came from Myanmar in the Indo-Burma Hotspot and Albania, part of the Mediterranean Basin. 

1. Announcing CEPF’s New Gender Toolkit
As part of CEPF’s commitment to address gender issues in conservation, we unveiled our new Gender Toolkit.